Q: Do you give free estimates?
A: Yes. We can do a phone consultation (pictures help a lot), or come to your location for an in person estimate.

Q: Is there a job that is too small?
A: We have a 500 sq ft minimum. Special projects that are below this minimum are subject to review.

Q: What types of finishes do you do?
A: Exterior: Broom, sand, exposed/ seeded aggregate, hard troweled, salt, stamped.
     Interior: Stained, sealed, polished, waxed, micro topping, overlay

Q: What is polished concrete?
A: Polished concrete is a process using large powerful grinders to slowly bring the surface of the concrete to a honed finish. 

Q: Do you do demo? Do you move furniture and appliances? 
A: Not generally, if you have no other options we can provide these services at an additional cost, that may be less cost effective than other options.

Q: What areas do you service?
A: We service the area between Santa Barbara and Orange County. Areas outside this area will be considered but there may be additional cost.

Q: What is hardscape?
A: Hardscape is flat work such as driveways, walkways, patios, courtyards, pool decks, and stairs. 

Q: What is the difference between a micro topping and an overlay?
A: Microtopping is a thin aesthetic layer of a modified cement that can be applied to existing flooring. Overlays are thicker and self-leveling, they can be applied to irregular surfaces to provide a new level usable surface.

Q: Will it crack?
A: Yes, it can crack and cracks in the existing surface can transfer through to new overlayment or microtopping. This is normal! There are semi rigid layers that we can put down in the process and these can be discussed. On new pours expansion joints may be used to control where concrete will crack.

Q: Do  you do pavers?
A: Yes we provide this scope of work.

Q: How do I take care of/ maintain my concrete?
A: All finishes differ, but in general it is the same as any other floor, mop with soap and water. We supply a in detailed maintenance sheet prior to project completion.

Q: Do you do concrete repair?
A: Yes, but it is dependent on the situation, sometimes a “repair” is not the best approach to the problem.